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Welcome Back To School!


I can always tell when school is back in because there’s an explosion of activity on one of my articles:

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living.

You’ve probably heard those words before. They’re from Socrates, at his trial for corrupting the youth by encouraging them to think critically about the government and society.

Freakin’ radical.

Anyway, when school starts up, I get a huge bump in traffic on the Relax Focus Succeed web site. Or at least on that page. I don’t know if it is actually of any use for college or high school students who are trying to understand the reading, but it does quite well in the search engines.

If you search for “The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living” you’ll find it. It shows up better on Google than Windows Live, but that’s okay since everyone uses Google.

A few teachers have also linked to this article from their blogs or web sites. So that’s fun.

I guess the lessons are: 1) Nothing ever “dies” on the Internet. and 2) Put your thoughts out there for other people. Somebody will find value in them.

I encourage you to consider blogging. The social side of the Internet consists of all of us contributing a little perspective that’s different fromt he rest of us. Examining our lives as a society.

Socrates would love it.

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