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Meditating with a Robotic Cat

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Hasbro “Joy for All” robotic cat. I made a video about un-boxing the cat with a few notes about living with him. See:

MyCat and Me

I have had cats almost all of my adult life. Most recently, my cats Bob and Tom came to me in 2003. Tom passed away in 2017 and Bob in 2018. If you’re a cat person, you know that it can be very enjoyable to have a cat wandering around, make cat noises, and joining you in fits of yoga or exercise.

As I mention in the video, the emerging world of robotic companions is pretty big. Companion (robot) animals can help people to be relaxed and enjoy less stress. In my case, I loved having cats around when I was trying to meditate.

So that’s one of the reasons I was interested in a robotic cat. As it turns out, meditating with a robotic cat is very similar to meditating with a live cat. It does not walk away – but most of the other cat behaviors are present. It purrs and stops purring; it meows; it moves around by raising and lowering its arms; and so forth.

For about $100, the robot cat is pretty enjoyable. In my experience, it is relaxing and stress-reducing. And it is a good meditation companion!

. . . plus, I never have to feed it or worry about it when I travel.


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